Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness

Starting and Running a Business While Managing a Chronic Disease or Illnesses   Those of us who are dealing with chronic pain, disease, or illness know that it’s not fun, easy, and can become very overwhelming, and can create more stress.   I was taught at an early age to ‘live with it, deal with […]

Guide to Remote Virtual Business

With the world shifting and many of us switching to remote/virtual work, there are many steps that we must take in order to successfully operate our business. Throughout my years in business, I’ve had the pleasure to go from a Corporate 6-figure business; employees, contractors, offices, remote office, etc to a 6-figure Entrepreneur working from […]

Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout and Boost Happiness

The CEO Hustler Blog

Hard work is fulfilling, exciting, life-affirming, and hard. Sometimes, unfortunately, that last one starts to overtake all the others. When the difficulty of each day begins to overshadow your pride and satisfaction, you’re starting to experience burnout. Burnout is a risky thing to ignore because it rarely goes away on its own. Left unaddressed, burnout […]

Q: How much do Bilingual Virtual Assistant Salary (2020)

Virtual Assistant

How much does a Virtual Assistant make? This is a common question I get from many of my followers, but more importantly, bilingual professionals. Based on my research and my experience according to ZipRecruiter “as of Nov 9, 2020, the average annual pay for a Work From Home Virtual Assistant in the United States is […]

The Entrepreneur’s Business Plan


Hello friends! You’re here because you’re either seeking a career as an Interpreter, or you’re looking to start your own business.  Whatever the case may be – WELCOME! Are you a freelance translator/interpreter who wants to start his/her own business, but don’t know how? Are you already in business, but not sure how to expand […]