Certified vs. Qualified Interpreter

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Certified vs. Qualified Interpreter

Professional Bilingual Business Entrepreneur

Elite Services 4 You (IL Interpreters) understands that many businesses and corporations that require interpreting and translating services are not aware of specific qualification requirements or contracting laws.

Did you know that there are many interpreting agencies that don’t follow strict guidelines for providing professional and proficient services?

A report done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics for 2008-2009 found that 22 percent of interpreters and translators are self-employed.  

If that is true, are agencies requiring them to verify a business license, qualifications, and certifications?

I would like to explain a few things about this particular industry – in order to help potential clients make the right choice in choosing an interpreting services company.

What is the difference between certified and qualified?

Elite Services 4 You (IL Interpreters) has established a contract, with characterization for these terms that correlate directly with a definition given by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Certified interpreter is a person who has passed the California Court Interpreter Certification Examination and who have fulfilled the corresponding Judicial Council requirements are referred to as certified interpreters.

The state personnel board also provides a certification test for medical and administrative hearing interpreters for California. Qualified interpreter is a person who is not a certified interpreter and who speaks the language to be translated into English fluently and who speaks English fluently and that poses a minimum of 2 years of interpreting experience.

What are Interpreter Rates?

Interpreter Rates vary by state, type of appointment, experience, qualifications, and so many other factors.

The Court system established different rates for in-house interpreters, just as freelancers have established rates for themselves based on their experience and the number of years that they have been in the industry.  Unfortunately, many interpreters will increase their rates based on a fellow interpreter. 

Businesses must recognize rates should be based on certification, qualifications and also whether or not the client requires a certified interpreter vs. a qualified interpreter. 

In most cases a certified interpreter is not required; therefore businesses should NOT have to pay a certified rate.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics wrote: There is currently no universal form of certification required of interpreters and translators in the United States.Although different states have implemented oral and written tests to verify capabilities, there are still many interpreters that base their experience and qualifications from translating for family members and having grown up in a bilingual household.

Elite Services 4 You (IL Interpreters) would also like to point out that the term “certified” can be misused by the interpreters and many will claim they are certified to gain a higher rate of pay – when in reality ONLY have a Certificate.

When Elite Services 4 You searches for their information in databases to verify certification, we are unable to locate their name.  There is a list available to the public with the names of persons who are deceased, retired, or de-certified –no longer certified to interpret in the court systems. Often times interpreters will continue to claim they are certified, maintain a high pay rate, and agencies are unaware that they are using an interpreter that is not capable of providing excellent service.

As the industry continues to grow with the diversity of our nation, Elite Services 4 You (IL Interpreters)  has implemented a strict screening process for interpreters and translators that will push this industry into a level of professionalism it deserves.

A teacher within their first year of teaching does not have the same rate of pay as a tenured instructor; the same should be established for interpreters and translators, right?

If there are counties that require a business license for independent contractors then it should be implemented and not overlooked by agencies, businesses, doctors, lawyers, etc…

Why? Because just like employees, there is more and more “Independent Contract Interpreter both Certified and Qualified”, claiming to be Employees of the agency or the contracting party, meaning that more and more Law Suit abuse is occurring within this industry. That is why setting standards are very important to our agency, although management takes high measures in implementing these steps “employees” will not always adhere, causing problems for the agency.  We try our best to be an agency, who will NOT overlook requirements just to attain an interpreter for an assignment. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive what they deserve.

***Although I no longer offer other languages or operate as an agency, I’m happy to assist you in verifying Interpreters skills, qualifications, etc…Contact me for more information about verifying an interpreters credentials, skills and qualifications…***

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A career as an Interpreter

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A Career as an Interpreter…

When it’s time to choose a career there are plenty of options available.  The most beneficial career choice will combine your skills with your personal interests and passions.

Do you enjoy languages and cultures?  Then if you enjoy other languages and different cultures, a career as an Interpreter will be ideal for you.

To become a Professional Interpreter you need to know the different ways to effectively interpret and translate from one language to another.

You need to learn all the “good, bad, and evil”


This industry is great, but you must learn all the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the industry!

Now, to become an interpreter or translator it takes more than just “speaking a second language”… You need;

  1. Fluency in at least two or more languages (including English) – this is an essential skill for the role of an Interpreter.
  2. Learn about how to become a professional Interpreter in medical, legal, etc.
    1. This will set you apart as a professional, but more importantly, it will create a greater demand for your services.
  3. Understand that some agencies may require a bachelor’s degree, certification, etc and so much more…

This career offers a multitude of job opportunities because there are different industries for which interpretation and translation are needed and in today’s multicultural, business world, the demand for language interpreters is growing and the need for more professional interpreters increases each day. So Get Trained!

Things to ponder: Many companies may employ language interpreters in either part-time or full-time capacity; however, many interpreters choose to be self-employed because it allows them to provide services to a wide range of industries.

It’s expected that with the progression of time, job opportunities in this field will definitely exceed the national average, causing an increase in salary and charges for interpreting services. And, it’s important to know that the greatest benefit of this market growth will be to those interpreters who specialize in certain services, languages, as well as those that are trained or certified!

What is your Role as a Professional Interpreter?  Do you know?

To start and grow your career as a Professional Interpreter, you need to know your role as an interpreter; Yes, you need to know your Roles, the Do’s and Don’ts of the industry, as well as enhancing cross-cultural communication because the basic concept of interpretation and translation goes far beyond the simple conversion of one language into the next.

Now, while interpreting and translating words and sentences is essential, it is also your responsibility to relay the existing concept and, if necessary, the meaning of those words between the two languages.

It is important to ensure that all parties understand and not just hear the words in their own language. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the subject matter as well as how the subject matter relates in both languages is very essential (terminology), so YES! KEY TIP: LEARN THE TERMINOLOGY!.

Along with all of these duties, a professional interpreter should also be very sensitive to each and every culture associated with any language. Last, but not least CONFIDENTIALITY is a MUST!

Get Trained and Learn the Steps needed to Start a Succesful Career and How to #EarnYourWorth

Harvey Mackay once said, “Find something to do that you love and you will never work a day in your life”



Benefits offered by Elite Services 4 You

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Spanish Interpreting and Translation Services
Professional Experienced Spanish Interpreter & Translator




What is Interpreting?

Interpreting refers to the conversion or idea generally in oral form from a source language into the target language. However, this task comes with lots of challenges and requires lots of skills in order to carry out this task successfully.

Therefore, the services of IL Interpreters NOW Elite Services 4 You are required in this case.

What I offer?

The services offered by  IL Interpreters NOW Elite Services 4 You are associated with plenty of benefits.

First of all, it promotes the exchange of language and culture from one to another. People with different cultures and different backgrounds can easily communicate with each other with the help of interpreters. This, in turn, promotes and encourages greater cultural exchange. Interpreters offer tremendous benefits to travelers who are frequently associated with traveling from one place to another.

With the abilities of interpretation along with geographical barriers, they can also overcome cultural barriers.  We are that “Bridge in Communication”

Bridge in communication


What I do?

There are many companies that offer efficient and effective services and one of them is us, IL Interpreters NOW Elite Services 4 You. This industry not only earns good revenue but at the same time, it proves to be a good source of revenue for many other companies.

It facilitates different companies to form an international client base and thereby facilitate the growth and development of the business. With the effective socio-political exchange, it can also prove to be a great employment opportunity for many youths across the country.

Interpreting Benefits.

Apart from the promotion of trade, it has also facilitated different commercial activities; the transfer of technologies from one country to another, and even promotion of tourism, and culture across the world. This, in turn, has resulted in huge economic benefits not only to the source country but to the target country, as well.

Thus, it can be seen that in today’s date, there are plenty of benefits offered by the Elite Services 4 You The interpreters not only make a good source of job opportunities for themselves but at the same time, they can also get the benefit of traveling from one country to another, city to another, or state to another.  Bottom line there are so many opportunities for Interpreters!

The first-hand access to cultures and exchanges can really be beneficial for all. 

So, if you are bilingual and want to enter this wonderful world of Interpreting, then I invite you to sing up for my “Introduction to Interpreting”…Get Trained and Learn the Ins/Outs of the Business and Interpreting World!

If your a business and is in need of a Professional Interpreter or Translator please feel free to visit my website.




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After working as a Corporation under Hispanic Services Interpreters in early 2000 and ONLY catering to the Hispanic Community I decided in 2005 to re-brand and change my name to International Language Interpreters, Inc dba IL Interpreters and expanding my services and offering over 100 languages worldwide.

Things were booming, jobs were created (hired 8+ full-time employees), trained and contracted hundreds and thousands of interpreters, everyone was working, things were GREAT, the business was great and then…!

S*** happens!

In 2006/2007 unbeknownst to me (not knowing) that the economy was on the verge of collapsing my business started to suffer!

There were budget cuts, not being paid by insurance companies, or general businesses, businesses closing, etc.  And, at the time, unfortunately, 90% of my business was with the State, County and Insurance Companies! I had made the mistake that I said I would NEVER make “put all my eggs in 1 basket”.

So, despite the decrease in payments and work I tried and tried to keep up float to make ends meet, to make things right, but just like many businesses I, unfortunately, was unable to continue because I wasn’t being paid, the business slowed down and I since I didn’t have investors, angel investors, and no longer had equity in my home things got to the point that we were literally “robbing Peter to pay Paul”; we had to lay off 8 Full-Time employees and; we could no longer pay our bills, my interpreters, my health started to diminish,  interpreters started to bash me, and to make matters worse, I was dealing with a bad pregnancy, my son in a body cast (due to femur fracture, my father slowly dying of Glioblastoma, almost losing my home, and to make it worse, I was still recovering from an auto accident and unfortunately I made the decision to shut down my business!

At the time I was sad, disappointed, hurt, I went through a bad depression, I was so miserable, in pain, just suffering so much due to all these horrible circumstances, but…I #nevergiveup

After a few years of major struggles and the closing of the Corporation and going through all the devastating events – years later the economy started to pick up and it started to get better!

Now, during this time frame, I didn’t stop #hustling I continued to do what I love; “Interpreting and Translation, Training, and Coaching” and was ready to #BossUpandRise

So for the last couple of years, I continued to provide services in both English<>Spanish.  I continued to receive calls from some of my loyal customers (and those that survived the crash) requesting services and for “other languages and services”, but I decided I would NOT provide these services any longer, so to avoid these calls and since I had made the decision to no longer offer services in “Other Languages” in 2014.

So, I decided to Re-Brand Myself, so that I could just reflect my own personal services in my own language.

So, here I am providing services to my customers and adding these additional services to make up for the “other languages”, I’ve decided to include the following services in English <>Spanish.

These services include but are NOT limited to:

  • Interpreting Services

  • Translation Services

  • Transcription Services

  • Over the Phone Interpreting Services

  • Virtual Administrative Bilingual Services

  • B2B Referral Marketing services

  • Referral Services for the Hispanic Community and Limited English Speakers

  • Training and Coaching for aspiring Interpreters and Entrepreneurs
  • Health and Beauty products through Herbalife #1 Healthy On the Go Meals…

I’ve also been working very hard to provide you with an easy to use website specific to your service needs “All In One”.

I’ve been working on my website for over 8 months and I’ve finally completed the site!

Please visit the links for information regarding my services and this wonderful industry, products, and services. I will continue to post articles, information relevant to Elite Services 4 You Products and Services and the language service industry.

Hope you enjoy my site and stay tuned for more information, news, and updates…Happy 2016!!!



Online Learning ~ Idiomatic Expressions

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Excellent Lesson & online learning for all persons interested in becoming a Professional Interpreter.  Language Interpreting takes thorough learning and understanding of the language.  Just because you speak a second language it doesn’t mean you are now an “Interpreter or Translator”…It takes a lot of training, skills, self study, and knowing and understanding the language both in English and the Target language, but also knowing the Culture.

Watch this brief video about Idiomatic Expressions… How many of you know these expressions?


Are you looking to start your own business

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Get Your Career Started Today

Are you looking to start your own Interpreting or Translation or General business?


First and foremost keep in mind that starting a business is NOT EASY, but it’s also NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  If you have the right mindset, ideas, planning in place – you can be very successful!

  1. Do you have an idea, concept, service or product that you want to sell?
  2. Have you done research and know what you need to put this idea to work?
  3. Have you taken into account all the ups/downs, cash flow problems that may arise with a business?  If not, it is important to be prepared for the ups and downs and especially the “cash flow” that can break your business!
  4. Do you have a; business plan, strategic plan, etc…in place?  If not, I will provide you with all the resources to make sure that you get all your licensing, permits, insurance, etc…in place!

Well, I Invite you to Check Out my Video and Learn More about Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business

Spanish Interpreting and Translation Services

Now, if your looking to Starting an Interpreting and Translation business then this is a whole new “ball game” it’s NOT EASY, but again it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  

First and foremost you have to know the industry, you have to know if you are able and experienced to do both.  You have to find your nitch, your target market…It takes more than just knowing a “second language” to be a “Professional Interpreter / Translator”

Many interpreters and translators forget the important things about the business.  They forget that if you are a “Freelance Interpreter / Translator” based on the City, State, County that you live in, you are required to:

  • Invest in a business license
  • Obtain liability and errors and omissions insurance
  • Establish a contract/agreement for your services
  • Have a little sales and marketing experience in order to market your self
  • Some basic accounting experience in order to properly invoice and collect for your services
  • These are just a few key points that many “Freelancers” forget to obtain.

Follow my blog and learn more about the do’s and don’ts of this billion dollar industry, so that you don’t end up like “the other guy”…Not adhering to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Learn how to become a “Professional Language Interpreter / Translator”