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How to Pivot Your Business during a pandemic

Definitely starting or trying to grow a business during 2020 was NOT the best thing to do. Many of us were left with the unknowns the “what if, how can

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Be Fucking Real – Stop Trying to Change Yourself

Is this something you hear all the time, “You need to change”. Yet, others say…”Stop Trying to Change Yourself!”. So who the heck do you listen to, right? So while

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Life and Business Lessons during a Pandemic

Aren’t we all happy that 2020 is behind us? I’m most definately happy, but I know we are NOT out of the woods – just yet! 2020 was undoubtedly a

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Faviola Valencia

2021 Taxes; Personal and Business

COVID-19 has caused so many problems from health, to economy, and overall disruption in our business and life…but there’s good news! Yes, the good news is that the Biden Administration

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managing your business with chronic pain
Faviola Valencia

Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness

Starting and Managing Your Business with Chronic Pain Illness   Starting and Running a Business While Managing a Chronic Disease or Illnesses   Those of us who are dealing with

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start your online business
Faviola Valencia

Guide to Remote Virtual Business

With the world shifting and many of us switching to remote/virtual work, there are many steps that we must take in order to successfully operate our business. Throughout my years

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When I’m not working & helping my clients, you can find me traveling with my family; camping, hunting, hiking, skiing, jet skiing, dancing or sipping a glass of wine, or drinking margaritas or a Corona.  Yes, we love to have fun!


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