Business Start-Up Tips for Entrepreneurs & Interpreters

Learn what Entrepreneurs and Interpreters need before starting your own business - Don't put your business at Risk!
Business Start-Up Tips

Business Start-Up Tips for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Interpreters

As the end of the year is coming I want to share a bit more about Who I Am, What I Do, and What I Provide and to share My Love and Passion for both Interpreting and Entrepreneurship.

Do you have a Special skill, product, or maybe a service that you want to share with the world? or;

Maybe you’re Bilingual and want to Start Your Own Business?

So, if you answered yes to any of the above this is for you…

How would you like to use those “special skills, products, and/or services” to create additional income and start your own business? Many of you who already know me know that I’ve been on both sides of the aisle.  I started off as a freelancer working with agencies (and still work) with a couple of agencies.

After a few months of working as a freelancer and seeing the do’s and don’ts and the “Good, Bad, and Evil”, I decided I no longer wanted to continue to work as a Freelancer and work for “pennies on the dollar” and personally I didn’t like the process and demands of agencies especially since I was a “Freelancer / Independent Contractor” and NOT an Employee.  Therefore, I decided to venture off on my own.

As an Entrepreneur and Former CEO who’s been on both sides of the aisles and someone who started and built her business on her own, here are a few tips to get you started, learn from the voice of experience, learn from someone who started and built her business from the “ground up”.


I started my Biz 18+ years ago helping businesses tap into the Hispanic Market and helping businesses “Break the Language Barrier in Communication”.

In 2000 I decided to start my own business and I built my business from the ground up, yes literally from the ground up…

  • Built a team of 10 staff employees
  • A cadre of over 2,500 freelance interpreters
  • Offered services in over 150 languages around the world.
  • Built my services around my clients’ needs; Interpreting, Translation, OPI, Transcriptions, and Coaching…
  • Had contracts with the State, County, City, Federal, Hospitals, Insurance, Law Firms, Nonprofits and so many more…and I can help you too!

But, in order to make my business work and grow, I had to make sure I was ONLY contracting and training the best of the best; therefore I was able to help and continue to help “Bilingual Individuals” and those with “Specials Skills, Products and Services” Start their Own Business and I can help you too!

So here is what you need to know if you decide you want to venture out on your own…You need the “Basics”.  Every business needs to learn and implement the Basic Steps in order to Start their Own business on the right track!

  • Resume
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Training
  • Experience (gain experience as a volunteer)
  • Affiliations or Organizations
  • Terminology

Now, these are some basics to learn and know if you decide to start.  You can also join my list and get your Freebies and learn more about my Training and Coaching.

#BossUpandRise and become the #CEOHustler you always dreamed of!


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