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Be Fucking Real – Stop Trying to Change Yourself

Is this something you hear all the time, “You need to change”. Yet, others say…”Stop Trying to Change Yourself!”. So who the heck do you listen to, right?

So while change is good, sometimes change can be very scary and sometimes it’s so damn hard to change. We are also sometimes forced into change! Although change can be scary, a change can be for the best.

Now of course, it all depends on the type of change we want or have to make in our lives.

As an entrepreneur, I had to make changes to both my life and business. As the world evolves I also have to change with it, so this is a good change, right?

However, having to change to portray someone I’m NOT – well that’s something I’m NOT willing to do!…

With the new online world, many creators and business coaches will tell you – “you have to change, you have to spend, you have to do this and that if you want to be successful” 🙄🤔…

At first, I was like OMG, I have to change my looks; the way I talk, the way I show up online, etc…And boy was I wrong!

Who follows you, who’s your “tribe”?

People will follow you regardless of how you look, how you talk, the glam, the sparkle, etc…

Also, people will follow you because of who you are; what you provide, or because something resonates with them, or they feel you can help them in any way, shape, or form – that SIMPLE!

My Last office as a Corporate Business Owner and CEO

How I changed…

Here’s a personal change I had to make in 2010. I had to close my Corporate Business due to the ongoing economic crisis of 2008 and because I was dealing with a bad pregnancy, but also the recent diagnosis of my father. In 2010 my princess was born, but also my father passed away from stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. So the drastic change although a forceful change, it was a change for the best!

My princess and my father may he R.I.P…Fuck Cancer

I was forced to take some time off because I ended up with severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This time off allowed me to reanalyze my skills; my abilities, my life, and to see what and if I could continue on this Entrepreneurship path.

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  • Be honest with yourself
  • Analyze your self; skills & abilities
  • Always pay attention to your “inner voice”
  • Stop trying to be like everyone else
  • Selfcare – know your triggers
  • Stay positive and motivated
  • Limit your social media time
  • Set your goals and don’t derail, or throw the towel
  • Failing is part of the process
  • Establish your boundaries both in business and life


You are your biggest cheerleader, but also your worst critique!

Episode 50: Be fucking real with yourself


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