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Basic Interpreter Training

Basic Interpreter Training


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Basic Interpreter Training, what does that mean and what does it entail?

Well for starters my Interpreter Training helps aspiring interpreters Start their Career as Professional Interpreters. 

I want to take a moment to answer your question, “How Do I Start A Career as a Professional Interpreter?”…

But….before I get to that I want to share a little bit about me!

Let me tell you, I consider myself very fortunate to have found this wonderful industry because I was able to start my own Interpreting Career.

I’m sure that many interpreters started this career because they love helping others, have a passion for it, enjoy it, and are good at it!!!

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So, when I started my career as an Interpreter and Translator there were very few resources if any, but I had to find ways to train and educate myself. I had to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of this industry.  I spent hours and hours on the computer researching and gathering; dictionaries, glossaries, and online material, so that I could better prepare myself and provide my clients (and theirs) with 110% Excellent service!

Also, when I started my interpreting agency I knew it took more than just knowing a “Second Language” to be a Professional Interpreter” and why I made it my mission to develop my own basic In-house interpreter training program.

This training program helped me train 1000s of interpreters and it helped me provide my customers with “Top Notch Interpreters”. 

As the years go by so do the “Limited English Speakers”.  The population continues to grow, and so does the industry. Therefore, it is important and valuable to promote and share the importance of “Learning and Speaking a Second Language”.  

That is why it is so important that we share and provide them with this valuable information to all of our K-12 students, as well as our College Students in order to let them know how much more valuable they will be if ONLY they spoke a “Second Language”.  

So, regardless of the career, they choose; speaking a “Second Language” is a really valuable asset, it will open up new possibilities and they will be that much more competitive!

Therefore, we need to continue to promote “bilingualism” to help our “Millenniums” be on the competitive edge and to embed the importance of knowing and speaking a “second or their home language”.

In 2011 I was very fortunate in having the opportunity to provide interpreter training to Schools as well as those that have been working as “Bilinguals, BIA’s, IA’s, In-house Interpreters, and providers, etc”.  Now, being able to train “Bilingual BIA’s, IA’s and In-house interpreters” on the Do’s and Don’ts of the Interpreting world has been an amazing opportunity because now they are aware of what the Role of an Interpreter is and they know NOT to Over Step those Boundaries.


As we know that Interpreting cannot be learned by just “Speaking a Second Language” or from a book alone, but only through a combination of study, steady practice and training. I also know that with the information and exercises that I provide in my interpreter training it will be a stepping stone into the industry.  

1. How many of you know the difference between Interpreter & Translator?

2. How many of you know about the Pre-Session and Post-Session?

3. Do you know the different modes of Interpretation?

4. Have you had any formal Training?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then most likely you don’t know much about “Interpreting” and therefore will need some training to help you with your career as an Interpreter.

1. Are you bilingual?

2. Are you working as a Bilingual Representative?

3. Are you fluent in at least 2 or more languages?

4. Want to learn more about this industry?

5. Do you offer In-house interpreters?

6. Have they received any formal training?

7. Interested in getting more information on how my training can help your business?

8. Interested in scheduling a presentation for your School on this topic?

9. Interested in developing an “In-house Interpreter training” program?

10. Interested in any of my services?

If “Yes” then you are a perfect candidate for my “Introduction to Interpreter Training”.

Join the 1000s of Interpreters and Entrepreneurs that have been fortunate enough to go through my training and are now working in the Courts, Schools, Hospitals, or started their own Interpreting Agency.  I’ve been training interpreters for over 15+ years,  I’ve been offering Interpreter training to those interested in the industry, or already in the industry, but are struggling to Start, Grow, or Launch their business.


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