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Language Assessment

Language Skills Assessment | Training & Development

A highly skilled and well-trained workforce is vital or every organization’s success large or small.  

In order to provide excellent services and/or to deliver quality products and services to your clients, you must be able to effectively communicate to your customers, parents, staff, employees, etc., in their own “Target Language“.  

As you may know, Interpretation requires much more than just speaking a “second language”. 

Language Consulting

Do you have a special event, conference, or project, that will involve various participants?  Thinking of expanding your operations? 


 Whatever the case may be don’t let the “language barrier” keep you from fulfilling that project, event or conference.


Contact me today and share your project with me and I will make sure to assist you every step of the way; interpreting and translation services, portable equipment (up to 10 receivers, or if you need more – no problem!).  


  I will design a special package and solution to help you “Break the Language Barrier” in communication and will help you fulfill your project, event, and/or conference.  Upon receipt of your request, I will contact you shortly with relevant follow-up questions to get the complete details needed to customize a solution for you.  


I am committed to providing 

Elite Services 4 You!


What I Provide

I provide an evaluation of your potential candidate's ability to interpret in general, legal, clinical and educational encounters.  Let me help you take the "guesswork" out of your hiring decisions!

I will evaluate the candidate's knowledge of vocabulary, terminology and their ability to convert messages accurately and completely from English<>Spanish.

  • This assessment will help determine the language proficiency of your "bilingual staff/personnel".
  • Language proficiency in English<>Spanish
  • Proper use of interpretation terms, protocols, and best practices.
  • Delivery of accurate and complete interpretation.
  • Ability to interpret the specific terms used with your specific business/company.
  • This is a convenient and cost-effective assessment to evaluate your candidate's language proficiency skills.
  • Skills Assessments are available by phone or via Skype for English<>Spanish.

become an interpreter and entrepreneur

How It Works

Assessments should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the testing date.

For the assessment test, a candidate will need the following: A computer Skype
Notepad and Pen High-speed Internet access Computer-compatible headset, and;
a microphone
Assessments are done via telephone, video, or in-person (travel & accommodations, and other fees may apply).
Get the assessments and training you need from an experienced, qualified and trained interpreter.

I have over 19+ years of experience training "bilingual aspiring interpreters", as well as current interpreters who just need a refresher, or reminder of what their responsibilities and duties are within this field.

Lastly, I will a help you identify, address and develop the right interpreting program for your candidates.

Contact me today with all your project, event or conference details.  I look forward to assisting you with your project.


Interpreter Education Assessments are not certification examinations. My Assessments were designed to only provide an evaluation of a candidate’s interpretation skills.