How to start your own Interpreter and Language business

Don't go through the struggles that many Translators and interpreters go through: trouble finding work. Find out how to start an independent, freelance translation business of your own with my step-by-step guides or online training
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Are you looking to start your own Interpreting, Translation, or General Business?

Faviola ‘the CEO Hustler’ Valencia – Aranda, will help you Boss Up and Rise…by providing you the tools and resources you need to start and grow your own business


Are you bilingual, have a special skill, product, or service, and want to start your own business?

In this blog, I will be focusing on how to start your own interpreting and translation business and enter the fast-growing Language Service industry.

First and foremost keep in mind that starting a business is NOT EASY, but it’s also NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

If you have the right mindset, ideas, planning in place – you can be very successful!

  1. Do you have an idea, concept, service, or product that you want to sell?
  2. Have you done the research and know what you need to put this idea to work?
  3. Have you taken into account all the ups/downs, cash flow problems that may arise with a business?  If not, it is important to be prepared for the ups and downs and especially the “cash flow” that can break your business!
  4. Do you have a; business plan, strategic plan, etc…in place?  If not, I will provide you with all the resources to make sure that you get all your licensing, permits, insurance, etc…in place!

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Start Your Interpreting & Translation Business

Now, if you’re looking to Start an Interpreting and Translation business then this is a whole new “ball game” it’s NOT EASY, but again it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  

  • For starters, you have to know the industry, and you have to know if you are able and experienced to do both interpreting and translation.
  • You have to find your nitch, your target market…

And remember…

It takes more than just knowing a “second language” to be a “Professional Interpreter / Translator”

Many interpreters and translators forget the important things about the business aspects and legalities.  They forget that if you are a “Freelance Interpreter / Translator” and based on the City, State, or County that you live in, you are required to:

  • Invest in a business license
  • Obtain liability and errors and omissions insurance
  • Establish a contract/agreement for your services
  • Have a little sales and marketing experience in order to market yourself
  • Some basic accounting experience in order to properly invoice and collect for your services
  • These are just a few key points that many “Freelancers” forget to obtain.

Check out my online portal and learn more about the do’s and don’ts of this billion-dollar industry, so that you don’t end up like “the other guy”…Not adhering to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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