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How to become a professional interpreter and what skills do you need to get started.
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How do you know if you’re a “Good Interpreter”?

After 18+ years working as a professional interpreter, many people always ask “Do you consider yourself a Good Interpreter?”…

And…my answer will always be the same.

I consider myself a good interpreter because:

  1. I take pride in my work;

  2. Love what I do;

  3. Take my time in researching and learning the industry, and terminology to do my job the best that I can…

So, yes I consider myself a “Good Interpreter”

Pico Conference Simultaneous Interpreter[/caption]

Now, I know what you are thinking…

Man, this woman is full of herself, she’s kinda conceded, hahaha!!!

But it’s OK., that just means I’m confident in myself and I know what I can and can’t do!

Now, don’t get me wrong there’s more to this…

For starters, the interpreter must…

As our colleague would also state – ( https://rpstranslations.wordpress.com/2018/04/16/what-makes-a-good-interpreter/ )

Quick Tips

  • Be able to communicate from one language to the target language.
    • But don’t forget, the ultimate and “main goal is to make sure that everything interpreted was conveyed in such a manner that the person receiving the information, is able to understand the language of the speaker” The Professional Interpreter
    • We are “the VOICE”.  So, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the interpreter understands both the source and target language. 
    • A good interpreter must also be able to understand, synthesize, and have command of grammar, culture, and vocabulary” The Professional Interpreter
  • The interpreter must be able to interpret everything “word for word”, but more importantly make sure that everyone is able to understand him/her.
    • Heavy breathing, coughing, slurping, rushing through the speech, and chasing speakers too close to what they just said makes you not only look bad” The Professional Interpreter,
    • Keep in mind that even when you’re a good interpreter, you need to make sure you keep the pace and make your speakers aware that they must keep a pace (in order for you to be able to interpret everything).
      • “Good voice, décalage, volume, rhythm, pace, voice modulation, clarity, enunciation, are a very important part of a rendition.” The Professional Interpreter

So what is a good interpreter?

I strongly believe that a good interpreter who gets along with others is more desirable than a great interpreter who creates conflict everywhere.

To me a “rock star interpreter”, is one who understands a “concept, digests it, and is able to convey it to the client in a pleasant clear voice, so it can be understood by the foreign language speaker; and does it all while being professional, good colleague, and decent human.” The Professional Interpreter

So, what are your thoughts of a good “Rock Star Interpreter”… Thanks to “The Professional Interpreter for sharing some wise words… Don’t forget to follow him at RPSTRANSLATIONS “The Professional Interpreter”

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