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The Business Comeback
A little bit of my journey "the Rise, the Fall, the Comeback" and how my life and business lessons can help you with your journey.

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We are humans who will make mistakes along the way whether it’s in our personal life or in business.  But I learned that our past experiences will play an enormous role in determining where we are today. Because each decision, choice, success, and each defeat has and will pave the way for us to continue to move forward on our unique journey in both our personal and business lives.

The journey has not been easy it has been filled with ups and downs, bumps and detours along the way. I remember over thirteen years ago after all the downfalls I decided to step down and close down my corporate business from what I call “I made it to the top CEO” to focus on myself, and my family, and to unwind from all the chaos, sadness, disappointment, and to think if being my own boss was still the way to go.

You see as a child I’d always dreamed of having my own business and being helpful, inspiring, and helping others do what they love; traveling, freedom, and just enjoying the journey!

“The Rise & Fall” – My Learning Experience

My first company, “IL Interpreters” was an Interpreting Agency. I’d been working as an Interpreter, Business Coach, and Interpreter Trainer, but also operating my Corporate Business and I did this for years.  My business grew and expanded in as little as six months allowing me to travel all while doing what I love. I decided in 2000 that a corporate business having staff, multilingual subcontractors, etc. way the way to go!

When I started I hired a company to build the website and handle all my sales and marketing, created all my internal processes & procedures, and my own internal processes and system to help with scheduling, recruiting, and business administration. I was so focused on growing my business, expansion, and growth – not only for me but if I grew my staff and those working for me, beside me would also grow and reap the benefits.

I was so excited and had so many ideas things were thriving, but then life got in the way, I suffered an auto accident, my young son was in a body cast, the economy was collapsing, my father was dying, and I was about to lose my daughter, and to make matters worse my business was crumbling down, and therefore I decided to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN!

Looking back, I see that I maybe was not ready for such growth, I thought I had everything in place to thrive, but I made the mistake of entrusting my business “my baby” to individuals that didn’t see my same vision, or didn’t care.  I also let obstacles, people, and situations get in the way. I ask myself if I could have done things differently, but I realize that I did the best I could – at the time. This was a horrible, yet great learning experience for me and after a few years I decided that for the next business, I would continue to do everything myself and NOT entrust ANYONE with my business “My Baby”. – Count Your Money, 50 Cent

Which I did.

“The Comeback” – My Learning Experience

Around 2010 I decided to open my business again, I started my company, “Elite Services 4 You”, as an online interpreting & translation business using ONLY my Spanish language skills vs providing over 150 languages across the USA & abroad.

This time around I created my own website, collateral material, own branding, and new processes & procedures and I was ready to go. Before I knew it, I was providing services to the same clients, working around the clock, business was great, but I was still working around the clock and really had no time for myself. I’d stopped putting the most important things at the top of my to-do list; self-care and family.

Ten-plus years later, I realized that although I love interpreting with my health there would come a time when I would not be able to provide the services that I love.  I loved working on-site, traveling for work, and doing what I love “Breaking the Language Barriers in Communication”, but I found myself feeling overwhelmed after each appointment and then having to deal with all of the accounting, the administration, etc.

Sometimes change can be hard, but also very rewarding you just need to learn to listen to your gut, create a plan and move on and that’s just what I did.

the Progress

It was so hard to see myself as a “failure”, but now I find it easy to see how my businesses have been the best learning experiences I ever could have asked for. I’m so grateful that I tried the CEO path and different ways of doing these things. I learned so much about myself, the harsh corporate world, and the evilness in people who don’t share the same vision and goals with you, but I’m happy and blessed for the experiences, and it’s brought me to the place I am today.

I’m definitely equipped with new experiences, knowledge, skills, and confidence that I would never have had it not been for the ups and downs of creating my own business.

So for the past thirteen years, I continue to work in a remote and virtual business. Providing interpreting & translation services, but also coaching and interpreter training for those seeking to start & grow their own business. 

It’s now clear that everything up to now has been preparing me for this new path & journey. I had a new vision, created the plan and I’m evolving into something different and better than what I could imagine.

As I continue into this new business journey, I keep these questions in mind:

  • Making sure to set the right steps, and modify as I go based on changes in the world.
    • What would your life look like if there were no limits or boundaries?
  • Reminding myself that self-care is very important if I want to continue to work in my business, and be happy in my personal life.
    • When you sit down and take some time and look at yourself and imagine a healthier, happier you, what do you see?
  • I will always do what I love love, continue to do what I’m passionate about, and just enjoy the journey.
    • What are the things that really bring you alive and that you love doing?


I’m so happy with my life now as I’m doing what I love; interpreting, translation, coaching, training, and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.  But I also love that I’m actually working on my own terms, my own time, from wherever I want, I get to spend more time with my family, traveling, and just enjoying life!

Now, I’m actually beginning to put the important things first on my to-do list every day: self-care, family, continuing to follow my dreams, but more importantly finding ways to take care of myself, mind, body, and spirit, especially with all my autoimmune disorders, illnesses, and struggles with chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD (I share more on this on my other articles).

As I continue on my business journey, improve my self-care, and become healthier, happier, and more present in my life and business, I want to share this with others and help them achieve the same goal, vision, and more importantly BALANCE.

Join me every day/week on my social media channels where I will continue to share tips, resources, and my business journey.

Hope you enjoyed this read and hope you’ll come to visit, walk this journey with me, and let me help you start & grow your business.  I hope you’ll allow me to help you by providing you with tips, and resources; health, life, business, and a little bit of everything!

I truly believe that we are all in this together and have so much to learn from each other, but also believe that failure is not an option and does not exist; when things don’t work out or go your way, it’s just life’s way of telling you to change and that better things, and opportunities are coming your way.  #bossupandrise and #nevergiveup #justdoit

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