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Faviola Valencia


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Faviola’s world

My name is Faviola Valencia – Aranda. 

I’m a married woman, mother to 4 beautiful children, and sister to 5 brothers who loves chocolate, wine, and the outdoors.


I was born in the early ’70s in beautiful Michoacán Mexico and was brought into the USA at an early age.


When migrating into a new Country NOT ONLY did I have to adapt to a new culture, but also had to learn a new language, if I wanted to succeed in this Country.


I’m a business coach, interpreter trainer, interpreter, and former CEO!

Interpreter, Business Coach & Trainer


To provide “Top Notch” business services, Help Break the Language Barrier in Communication. As well as to help, teach, mentor and train “aspiring entrepreneurs” start, grow and launch their offline and online business while doing what they love! 



Connecting Worlds One Language and Business Tip-At-A-Time!




Quality of Service


Research and Development

Collaboration and Outreach


I started my business in 2000 from the comfort of my own home with only $100 and using my skills and qualifications and built a million-dollar business literally from the “ground up”.


Since the inception of my business in 2000, I envisioned building a business unique to the industry, one that was able to make a difference to the people I served, but more importantly helping “Break the Language Barrier in Communication.”


Between 2000 and 2008 I was able to fulfill this dream with over 10 employees and a poll of over 2,500 freelancers across the globe.  My business was a full-service business providing language business solutions from interpreting services to training and development.


I love being my own boss, the boss of my own life, but more importantly, I love what I do and love teaching others how they, too, can build the business of their dreams allowing them the opportunity to live and earn their worthwhile doing what they love!


  • I’m a professional and qualified Interpreter and Translator.
  • I’m fluent in both English<>Spanish.
  • I have over 25+years of extensive small to corporate Business Experience, and;
  • Over 19+ years of professional Spanish Interpreting and Translation experience.
  • I started my Interpreting Career and Business from the “ground up” in 2000 out of my small bedroom.
  • I provide an array of services including but not limited to; on-site interpreting services, document translations, interpreter training, and;
  • I help aspiring Interpreters & Entrepreneurs (just like you) Start, Grow, and Launch Your Career and Business.

Why Me


19+years of Professional Language Industry Experience.

25+years of Professional Business, Coaching, and Training Experience.


Qualified & Experienced.

Organized & Punctual.

Flexible and adaptable.

Energetic & Professional.


Fast and Prompt Services 24/7.

Free Estimates & Competitive Rates.

I Help You AVOID RISKS by providing you Professional and Experienced services!

I’m bound by HIPAA standards, and I adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct, Accuracy, Confidentiality, and Knowledge Based standards.

I’m a California based business, woman-owned, certified DVBE, and Small Minority owned Micro Business.

Federal Court Interpreting Certificate, University of Arizona


Marketing Tools for Interpreters & Translators, Certificate from SCATIA


Criminal Realignment & Difficult Conversations and How to Approach them, Interpreting Certificate and Units from CFI


Partnering with the Provider for Successful Encounters, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care

I”m a DGS and CMAS Contract Holder.



Small Business Certificate, City of Sacramento.



Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

Client Testimonials

Customers reviews

“I have personally retained Faviola Valencia to serve as a Spanish interpreter. I ask witnesses if they are able to understand the interpreter and all of the witnesses have testified that Ms. Valencia speaks Spanish very well and that they can understand her. I have not had one opposing attorney question or criticize Ms. Valencia's performance as a Spanish interpreter. I highly recommend Ms. Valencia to serve as a Spanish interpreter for your company or firm".​​
Anthony O.
Attorney At Law
“Faviola you have always been prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. You're my first choice when I need an interpreter in this area. I would certainly recommend your service to others"
Linda R.
I have always received positive feedback from our field staff, in regards to the expertise and the level of professionalism of Ms. Valencia. I appreciate your commitment to customer service, and willingness to resolve/address issues in an expeditious manner"
State of California
“We contracted with IL Interpreters for approximately two years. During this time we were very pleased with the services provided by Faviola and her professionalism. We look forward to future opportunities to work with IL Interpreters. I would recommend your services”
Arnold F.
State of California CDCR

How I went from a freelance interpreter to a successful Business Entrepreneur (CEO)

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