Hello I'm Faviola

Undocumented Immigrant to Six-Figure CEO Empowering Entrepreneurs and future CEOs

My journey embodies determination and resilience. I’m an immigrant from Uruapan Michoacán, Mexico, and I’m proud to embrace my (Purhépecha) heritage. As a Latina and minority woman, I was able to transform from an unknown immigrant into a thriving CEO of a certified DVBE small business, achieving six-figure success in under a year.

Get to know me

Twenty-three years ago, I embarked on my business journey by breaking the language and business barriers. 

That’s why as a seasoned entrepreneur, high-performance coach, and mentor, I grasp the daily struggles entrepreneurs face. Amidst fierce competition and wary consumers, I know the challenges entrepreneurs experience in business each day trying to turn their vision into a thriving reality.

I know what it’s like to toss and turn & have long sleepless nights trying to figure things out; the business, life balance, expenses, overhead, and wondering if it’s worth the struggle.

And though I may not know you personally, I assure you that your business journey will be worth it.  If you dared to dream it and you’re taking the courageous step of starting your venture. Let me assist you in transforming your local business into your dream success story.  

Keep in mind that starting and running a business are two separate and different things and they both need a plan & structure.  And when you work with me you’ll have less chaos, and more calm. Reduced stress, increased revenue.  So, let’s make it happen together.

As the visionary behind the Boss Up and Rise Online Podcast, The CEO Hustler, and Elite Services 4 You! I share triumph stories and expertise, guiding others on their entrepreneurial journey.

Faviola-Sacramento interpreter-at work-home office

From Undocumented Immigrant to Empowering Entrepreneur

Hi there! I'm Faviola, a proud Latina and minority woman who has defied the odds to become a successful six-figure CEO. As an immigrant from Uruapan Michoacán, Mexico, my journey has been one of breaking the language and business barriers and to help and empower others in achieving their entrepreneurial goals.


A Journey of Resilience

Facing unforeseen circumstances in 2009, I transitioned away from the corporate world to refocus on providing personalized and high-quality services that truly make a difference. From business coaching to over-the-phone, remote interpreting, translations, and bilingual staffing, my dedication to bridging communication gaps has allowed my business, Faviola Valencia dba Elite Services 4 You, to flourish.

How it all began

More than 20 years ago, inside the confines of my small home bedroom, I embarked on a journey that led me to establish one of California's largest interpreting and translation providers. Along the way, I had the honor of working with prestigious organizations such as the ACLU, Siete California's, and various government agencies, community organizations, and other business sectors; legal, medical, hospitality, educational, etc... ensuring equal language access for all.


Empowering Others

As an undocumented immigrant, I understand the challenges and barriers that can stand in the way of pursuing dreams. That's why I've made it my mission to support aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey and achieve success. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I empower individuals to break through language & business gaps and create thriving ventures.

Ignite the spark within you...

Recognize your potential by embracing the unknown and taking risks outside your comfort zone.

Learn to overcome challenges that can lead to personal and professional growth. Finally, never let anything stand in the way of the amazing possibilities that await on the other side of fear and uncertainty.

Stop at Nothing

As an undocumented immigrant (at the time) my permit had expired and could not get a "normal job" with a family I had to make things work, so in 2000, I decided to take the leap of faith and start my own business.

Exploring is Key

With researching & exploring I quickly learned that I could use my bilingual and office skills & experience to start my own business.  With hard work, trial & error I was able to start and build a six-figure business in under a year!  

The Process

By creating the right steps & following a plan I was able to take my vision & build a unique language & coaching business. I've been able to help break the language and business gap and also help others achieve their goals & dreams.  I didn't do this alone, it's all thanks to my family, vendors, and amazing customers.

Keep it Simple

It's not complicated, keep it simple.! You have to find something you love and are passionate about doing, be able and willing to work hard, and do the work, so that you are able to get the freedom (play hard) you deserve,  independence, and earn your worth (money, dinero, mula) all while doing what you love!

When I'm not working you can find me spending
time with my little family; having fun & enjoying life!

Building a business isn’t an overnight success story. It demands long nights, hard work, and dedication, but the rewards make every moment worthwhile.

As my business thrived, fellow entrepreneurs took notice. They’d ask, “How do you manage business growth while being present for your family?” This question ignited my new purpose: guiding struggling and motivated entrepreneurs through challenges, both personal and professional, to achieve remarkable success.

I’m here to be your dedicated partner on this journey. I bring compassion, experienced advice, a practical approach, and sometimes, honest tough love.

Beyond business, I cherish moments with my husband and my four kiddos. I’ve achieved the balance and success I dreamed of, and I’m here to help you do the same.